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Ignite your childhood nostalgia with our Froot Loops Wax Dots. The irresistible aroma of the beloved fruity cereal fills the air, awakening memories of carefree mornings and colorful breakfast bowls. Let the vibrant scents of zesty citrus, sweet berries, and tropical fruits create a captivating and whimsical atmosphere in your space. Indulge in the playful and delightful fragrance of Froot Loops and embark on a sensory journey that takes you back to the joyful flavors of your youth.


To ensure optimal performance and safety with our wax dots:1. Use in Approved Warmers: Place wax melts only in wax melt warmers designed for this purpose.2. Do Not Add Water: Avoid adding water to the wax melts; use them as intended for a consistent fragrance release.3. Temperature Control: Ensure the wax melt warmer operates at an appropriate temperature to prevent scorching and maintain fragrance quality.4. Dispose Properly: Discard used wax melts responsibly, following local waste disposal guidelines.5. Clean Warmers Regularly: Clean the wax melt warmer regularly to remove residual wax before introducing new melts.6. Safety: Keep out of reach of children and pets7. ***DO NOT EAT***

Following these instructions will enhance your experience with our wax dots.

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