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Take a sensory trip with our White Orchid Wax Dots, a floral fragrance that whisks you away to the exotic scents of the East. Enjoy the mix of Indian Jasmine, Turkish Rose, and creamy Vanilla, spiced up with fresh Bergamot and a hint of Honey. Dive into a cozy and welcoming atmosphere, giving your home a touch of warmth and a hint of luxury.

To ensure optimal performance and safety with our wax dots:

1. Use in Approved Warmers: Place wax melts only in wax melt warmers designed for this purpose.

2. Do Not Add Water: Avoid adding water to the wax melts; use them as intended for a consistent fragrance release.

3. Temperature Control: Ensure the wax melt warmer operates at an appropriate temperature to prevent scorching and maintain fragrance quality.

4. Dispose Properly: Discard used wax melts responsibly, following local waste disposal guidelines.

5. Clean Warmers Regularly: Clean the wax melt warmer regularly to remove residual wax before introducing new melts.

6. Safety: Keep out of reach of children and pets

7. ***DO NOT EAT***

Following these instructions will enhance your experience with our wax dots.

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